How To Set Up A Blog

How to set up a blogThe question of how to set up a blog is easily answered in one word, "WordPress". WordPress has made the setting up of a blogging site amazingly fast and simple.

WordPress has the perfect blogging site software that can be installed on your server in minutes using shell access or FTP.

There is a tremendous amount of data on the WordPress site that will guide you through "how to set up a blog."

Google Earth Aids Fossil Discovery

 Google Earth Aids Fossil DiscoveryScientists at South Africa's "Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site" have just announced a new hominid fossil discovery.

This dicovery could be one of the most important palaeoanthropological discoveries in recent times. The pair of skeletons date to between 1.78 and 1.95 million years old. Google Earth had a part in the discovery.

Google Now Serving China Through Hong Kong

Google serving china through Hong KongGoogle recently decided to stop censoring its website. Google will now redirect users from mainland China to Because of language differences, uncensored search will be offered in simplified Chinese specifically targeting users from mainland China.

What Is Cyberspace?

cyberspaceA good definition of Cyberspace can be found at Wikipedia, a synopsis would be: While cyberspace should not be confused with the internet, the term is often used to refer to objects and identities that exist largely within the communication network itself, so that a website, for example, might be metaphorically said to "exist in cyberspace."

Web Hosting Review-Godaddy

It's very important to get your web hosting right. Many other aspects of cyberspace can be a certain degree... but web hosting is the one area you want to get right. I, like many of you, have used several different web hosts. Some have offered exceptional web hosting and some have just been horrible hosts.

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